6 good reasons to rent a bike in Biarritz and the Basque Coast

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6 good reasons to rent a bike in Biarritz and the Basque Coast

The sale and rental of bicycles in France are increasing these last month, but why? 

An ecological, practical and stylish way of transport with multiple health benefits. In addition, nowadays, with electric-assisted bicycles, it is an easy and suitable way of locomotion for everyone.

For those who hesitate, we have decided to offer you 6 good reasons to visit the Basque Country by Bike.

1 - Cycling is cool, but you have to admit that the road of the Basque Country are not the easiest to climb ... Luckily, we can get an electric assistance.

A few years ago, cycling around the Basque Country could have been complicated, only  experimented cyclists could do it. But nowadays, thanks to the electric-assisted bicycle, climbs are no longer a problem. Now all the cycling path are accessible to everyone. Progress on batteries now makes it possible to cover a hundred kilometers without having to recharge the bikes.

2 - Using your bike, even an electric one, means being an actor in the fight against global warming. 

Cycling is an ecological act ! By cycling for your daily journeys, you could save 650 kilograms of CO2 per person/year. To get a better idea, that's the equivalent of an LCD TV on for 162 days non-stop. to fight against global warming, there is a simple way to protect the environment: ride a bicycle and/or electric bike.

3 - Cycling is the safest way!

If we look at the numbers, people travelling by bicycle are 10 times less likely to be injured than those travelling by car. Not to mention, in these times of health crisis, avoiding public transport is an advantage for you and others. You will avoid crowding and limit the spread of the virus. 

4 - With a bicycle, forget the traffic jams or finding a place to park.

Most daily car trips are less than 3 kilometers. On short trips, it takes less time by bicycle than by car. Parking problems and traffic jams make your trips longer. Walking for trips of less than 1 km and cycling for trips of less than 5 km are considered the best ways to get around.

In tourist areas such as the Basque Country, it should not be forgotten that the bicycle, electric or not, depending on the distance, is the best means of transport for all your journeys. Without a good bicycle, you can double your travel time during the summer season. In addition to relieving congestion in cities, you'll be faster.

5 - The Basque Country with its many beautiful bike paths is the ideal region to get around by bike.

There is a real political will in the region to encourage people to cycle. The coastal municipalities are building more and more cycling paths, as with the Boulevard du BAB (Biarritz, Anglet, Bayonne), which has been open to cyclists since the beginning of the summer. In addition, the “velodyssée”, built in 2018, runs along the entire Atlantic coast and crosses the Basque Country. This superb 1200 km track is the ideal way to discover the communes and landscapes of the region during a cycling holiday. 

6 - and… it's good for your health!

Sport in general puts us in a good mood, there's something positive for our mental health. But in addition to the benefits of physical activity, cycling also brings us closer to nature. Cycling is a great way to relax, relieve tension and recharge your batteries. 

And it's good for our physical health. The positive effects on our body are numerous and instantaneous. Regular cycling will even help you lose weight, because cycling strengthens muscles and burns fat. The icing on the cake, cycling keeps your heart healthy and halves the risk of cardiovascular disease.

There's an added bonus: the government wants to help us buy bikes. It is possible to get help with the purchase , up to 500 euros. 

Now is the time to buy or rent one for your holidays.


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