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Large choice of electric bike "Made in France"

Marty offers you a wide range of quality bikes (electric and mechanical) with many accessories (surf carrier, baby carrier, etc.). A helmet and padlock will be provided free of charge with the bikes.

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Free Home delivery service

Do not worry about how to collect your rental bikes when you arrive on vacation. Marty delivers them directly to your home at any time of the day ... for free.

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Advice on the best bike rides in the Basque country

Marty and the team will be happy to inform you about the best cycling tracks on the Basque Coast. Take advantage of great tips from a team of young locals (cycle paths, restaurants, beaches, essential places).

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22,00 €

brand: Arcade model: 1903 frame dimension: 26'' (1m55 1m90) gears: 7 (shimano) flat free tires

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4.9 42
39,00 €

brand: Arcade model: E-colors frame dimension: 26'' (1m55 1m90) battery: 475Wh (36V x 14.5Ah) gears: 7 (shimano) flat free tires

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bike lock with key

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19,00 €

brand: Blank model: Blank frame dimension: 26'' (1m65 1m85) gears: 7 (shimano) flat free tires

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brand: Arcade adjustable, one size fits all 

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3,00 €

perfect for placing personal items easily attached and removed good sized handle

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10,00 €

brand: B'twin model: Original 100 dimension: 8-12 years old (1m30 1m50) gears: 6 flat free tires

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4,00 €

brand: Arcade max weight: 25kg

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Easy to use

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very easy to use adaptable on any kind of bicycle load 2 children

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brand: decathlon model: Gravel  frame dimension: Large (1m82 1m90) gears: 10 (MICROSHIFT H100) flat free tires

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39,00 €

brand: Larrun model: Colibri frame dimension: Aluminium (1m50 1m75) battery: 60Wh (80 km range) gears: 7 flat :20-inch


Rent a bike in Guéthary

Coming to Guethary for your Basque Coast holiday? One of the best ways to explore the Basque Coast is by hiring an electric bike from Marty Bike Rental. Take advantage of the newly created and improved bike paths “velodyssey” that spans along the entire Basque Coast.


Particularly in the depths of summer, like any beach town, it can be difficult finding a park and getting through the traffic jams with a car. With Marty Bike rental, we can deliver your bike to your accommodation and have you zooming around the towns, along the coast and parking out the front of the restaurants or the entrance to the beach.


Our bikes can run for 100kms before the next rechange so you can ride until your heart is content visiting Handaye and Saint Jean de luz, staying around Guethary or heading off to Biarritz, Anglet and Bayonne. Some of our customers have even ridden to Hossegor.


Whether you are visiting by yourself, with a group of friends, as a family or as a couple, take advantage of all our advice on the region's cycle paths and thing to see and do. We know you will have a great time visiting our beautiful region.



About Guethary

Guethary is the cutest little fishing village between Biarritz and Saint Jean de Luz. Another cliff top village with the town centre at the top, a grand fronton and a vast choice of restaurants. With all the coloured boats pulled up onto the rocks at the port to Guethary’s beach side bars with rosé bottles waiting on ice, there is a photo opportunity around every corner.


Biking in Guéthary

Biking in the Basque Country has long been enjoyed by experienced athletes and those cycling groups in full lycra. It’s no secret, the region is very hilly and does require special physical skills given the many steep climbs. Luckily for us and thanks to the electronically assisted bike, we no longer need to have the thighs of a cyclist to visit the villages of the Basque Coast by bike! Whether it’s ocean views, the best surf spot, local food or countryside cruising you are after, with a 3 level assist, you can chose the amount of effort you feel like putting in. All that is left to do is jump on, hold tight, feel the fresh air on your face and enjoy.


Guéthary Biking Professionals

The team at Marty Bike rentals in Biarritz will set you up with what you need. We will adjust your seat as required, show you the very easy 3 level assist on your electric bike and answer any questions that pop to mind. We are here to offer you tips and advice on where to go and what to do so you get the most out of renting a bike in Guethary.


Marty Bike Rental Services

As well as browsing through the Marty Bike Rental website and reserving your bike and accessories online, feel free to contact us on +33(0)6 95 45 54 99 with any questions or special requirements you have in mind.


Bike Rental and Sale of Accessories

The hire of bikes and selling bikes are the two main activities on the Marty Bike Rental website. If there are any further questions that you might have, please feel free to contact us on +33(0)6 95 45 54 99.


100% Made in France Bikes

Marty Bike Rental offers a range of ARCADE bikes. All our bikes are manufactured in La Roche sur Yon in Vendée, France and are considered as one of the best quality made bikes in Europe.


Our Electric Bikes

All our electric bikes are mounted with 14.5 Ampere batteries (100km of autonomy). The California-style city bikes are fitted with very large puncture-resistant tires and a "royal" saddle for maximum comfort. No bike is more than 2 years old and are kept in the best condition for safety needs and just great beach style.


Our Mechanical Bikes

Our non-electric bikes are renowned for their comfort (26 inches, 7 speeds, wide tires and leather-padded saddle), their robustness (anti-rust aluminium bike) and their chic and timeless style. We wanted bikes that looked great so that people would treat them well and feel good riding them.


Our Special Accessories "BASQUE COAST"

Among our bicycle accessories listed, we also offer:


·      Helmet


·      Baby seat


·      Beach basket


·      Surf rack


·      Surfboard


Our Advice on Bike Rides for Guéthary and The Basque Coast

We recommend 2 beautiful electric bike rides from Guéthary along the coast.


Cycling from Guéthary to Saint Jean de Luz.


Departing from the Bidart plateau, opposite the famous Licorne bakery, head south towards Bidart town center. Straight up you have the sensational view over Plage d’Erretegia, once you hit the roundabout turn right. Meander along the road Corniche de la Falaise until you arrive at Chappelle Sainte Madeleine, possibly one of the best views in Bidart. With a backdrop of the Pyrenees, you can see clearly the jagged coast line of Spain and all the towns in between. Next you’re heading straight into the town centre of Bidart. So many local shops like, Etxe Peio, with all it’s local food specialties, and L’Atalier with locally handmade bags, jewellery and more. The Fronton de Bidart is often filled with people, whether there is a game of pelote basque being played, local dancing in the square, the weekly market or just people basking in the sunshine. Stop, walk around and even pop your head into the restaurant Elissaldia, a restaurant with a trinquet court inside where there is often a fast indoor game of pelote basque being played.

Cruise down Rue l’Uhabia on your way towards Plage de L’uhabia, over the little bridge,  past the beach carpark and keep going until you reach the first street on your right, Chemin Palementia. You will have a slight climb along the marked bike path however the rewarding view from the picturesque church of Saint Joseph des Falaises is well worth it. Here you can look out to the famous wave of Parlementia which can get as big as 6 meters on a big swell day.

Continue down the hill and over the bridge, where Chemin Zubialdeko greets you on the right, you’re now entering the little town of Guéthary. Often referred to as little Paris the streets are often filled with the very trendy and fabulously dressed, not really a barefoot or bare chest in sight as that seems to only be appropriate for the actual beach.


Back over the train line guiding yourself past the charming train station, pass Plage de Cenitz and you will soon find yourself on the dedicated bike path. Cruise along the cliff top overlooking Plage de Lafitenia, you’ll pass camping car after camping car as this is the valley of the camp grounds, where families set up their home away from home to enjoy the beaches and seaside restaurants. Get yourself back to ocean level and hit the bike path next to the sand at Plage d’Erromardie. Not a surfer in sight here, barely a ripple on the water, lots of sun baking and listening to the music playing from the nearby bars and restaurants. From here the path is clearly marked as you make your way towards your first glimpse of the bay of Saint Jean de Luz. The glistening white facade of the Pointe de Sainte Barbe will welcome you at the north opening of the bay. This little church/bunker has lived through the wars, been occupied by the Spanish, the Germans and now the French, it has been built and demolished and rebuilt again over the years. With the bay on your left, cruise along the edges until you make your way to the town’s centre. Saint Jean de Luz is so much more than a humble fishing town with it’s buzzing indoor market, cobble stone streets, the House of Louis XIV and Sainte Jean Baptiste Church. It’s time to explore and congratulate yourself on your ride…then all you have to do is get back.



Cycling from Guéthary to Bayonne.


Heading towards Biarritz, feel the breeze through your hair as you head downhill past the Ilbiaritz Golf Course towards the Cité de l’Océan. With Cité de l’Océan on your left, it is here you swing your way around the round about along Avenue de la Plage with the water in your sight. Turning right at the end, cruise along the edge of Plage de la Milidy, looking out to the sandy beach often filled with umbreallas, surfers, and smiling faces. Prepare yourself for your first incline up Rue de Madrid where the reward is truly worth it when you arrive at the Coté de Basque.

Be sure to watch the path in front of you and not get too swept away by the breathtaking view of the Pyrenees and the Spanish coastline to the left, and the beautiful Villa Belza standing tall to the right. Now you know you’ve hit the quaint but bustling town of Biarritz. Following the coast line veering left, the ocean will go in and out of sight as you pass the grand buildings built on the cliffs. Heading down to the ever so picturesque Port Vieux which literally translates to ‘Old Port’, watch out for the white bears, the swimmers that make it their purpose to swim here every day of the year. Twisting around this beach make your way around the Biarritz Aquarium which is directly opposite the Virgin on the Rock and the famous bridge that was originally built under the orders of Napoleon III. Continue your way past the Fisherman’s Port of Biarritz and the Saint Eugénie Chapel before setting your sights on the Grande Plage. With the Biarritz Casino fixed at one end and the royal Hotel du Palais dominating the far end, just imagine the royals, the rich and the diehard surfers that graced the sand on this very beach.

With a steady climb just ahead you’ll pass the Biarritz Lighthouse and the Biarritz Lighthouse Golf Course. You may be saying goodbye to Biarritz but it’s a big warm hello to Anglet and their designated bike paths. Surrounded by stone houses that we can barely even begin to imagine how they were built all those years ago, it is only moments before the overwhelming ocean view of Plage de la Petite Chambre d’Amour arrives. Whether you take the bike path directly next to the beach or the bike path next to the Boulevard des Plages you’ll be wizzing past the many beaches of Anglet where you’ll see happy families, salty surfers, beachside restaurants and countless ice-cream stands. Making your way to where the river Adour of Bayonne meets the Atlantic Ocean often filled with large cargo ships unloading their treasures. Glide along the banks of the river, watching as the cargo ships turn into sailing boats and the trees turn into buildings adorned with different coloured shutters. The oceans horizon disappears behind you, you’re arriving in Bayonne with it’s gothic style Bayonne Cathedral, Basque Museum and narrow medieval streets. It’s time to explore and congratulate yourself on your ride…then all you have to do is get back.


Electric Bike Sales

Our entire range of rental electric bikes are also available for sale new. Do not hesitate to come and discover and try our bikes for free in Bidart, we will be there to advise you on the type of bike suited to your needs.


Find a full range of city bikes, folding bikes, mountain bikes, beach cruisers and mountain bikes at great prices (electric bikes from € 1,290 incl. Tax)

Payment and Delivery Method with Marty Bike Rental

Payment can be made either by visa or mastercard, by your paypal account or in cash. Remember delivery is free throughout the Basque coast.


Why Trust Marty Bike Rental to Rent your Bikes?

All of us at Marty Bike Rental are here to help you get the most out of your bike rental experience. Our bikes are great quality, safe and look great. We love the Basque Coast and will be happy to offer tips and friendly advice in whatever you’re interested in seeing. 

Find all our electric bike rental services with free delivery on the coast 

BiarritzAnglet, Bidart and St Jean de Luz.